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Blog :: 05-2013

What’s in a name?

How important is backing of a large-scale brand name?

While name national name recognition could definitely count for something, how much does it really impact public opinion, and is it always a positive impact? Is simply knowing of a company enough to sway people to use that company?

These are some questions that seem to increasingly come up in the news, especially in an era fraught with corporate scandal and consumer uncertainty.

Recently we stumbled upon an Agent Genius blog article titled Small is the New Big, and while we think there are many successful large companies out there across many fields, its worth looking into public opinion about large companies, in both the Real Estate industry and many other industries as well.

The article examines the fact that many small brokerages are going head-to-head with many big name companies, and often times with great success. They argue that many smaller brokerages have the time, resources and local talent to really connect with a market and study its ins and outs. They also argue that rolling out new technologies and the latest and the greatest is often times easier on a smaller scale than on a very large scale, which often times needs to account for a transition period simply due to sheer size.

Another interesting point the article makes is a comparison between the overall public opinion of big business versus smaller, local business. They use the restaurant analogy, bringing up the comparison between eating at the smaller, local flavor that knows its trade, or the larger, chain restaurant that market across the United States (and many times internationally) the same cookie-cutter products.

Whether you agree or disagree, this article brings up some serious food for thought about whether those big brand names are really worth the extra fees or even the often large corporate splits.

To read more on this topic, check out the article link on the Andrew Mitchell & Company Facebook page. You can also become a fan of our page to have access to relevant news feeds about the Real Estate industry, the Greater Boston market, new technology and general business tips and opinions.