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Blog :: 12-2013

Home Marketing through Story Telling

So, youre ready to put your home on the market. Youve done everything to prepare for this: youve selected a Real Estate agent with great marketing resources; youve professionally staged your home; and, along with your agent, youve researched market values in the area through a comparative market analysis. You should be good to go, right?

Not so fast. Your home might be completely market-ready, priced correctly, and your agent might be ready to go with all of their tried and true marketing techniques; however, in this tough market, there may be fifteen other homes in the area that are also beautifully staged, priced right, with aggressive agents ready to find a buyer.

The issue merely boils down to a very competitive market and an oversupply of inventory, allowing buyers to stroll along looking for the best home, the best deal, and the best timing. So, what can you do to set your home apart from the rest? Realtor Magazines Maggie Sieger brings up an interesting technique, and that is marketing your home through story telling.

Marketing is storytelling. Ask yourself what is different about the house that competitive homes cant say? I find that a house with a story draws more traffic, moves more quickly and sells for more money. -Maggie Sieger, Realtor Magazine

For example, what specifically do you love most about your house? If your walls could talk, would they have a story to tell? At Andrew Mitchell & Company we think this type of marketing speaks particularly loudly for Massachusetts and New England homes in general, where our homes are often rich with history. And, as you might know, in difficult economic times people generally take a nostalgic journey back to their roots in order to feel good about where they came from and where they are headed.

Some of Siegers tips and ideas for starting to construct your homes narrative are the following:

  • Does your home have unique architectural features?
  • Does your home allow for any unique hobbies?
  • Do you have any old photos of your house?
  • Do you have any information about the original owners?
  • What was the neighborhood like when the home was first built?
Sieger recommends creating a timeline to bring your homes story to life as well as branding the home with a unique name. She also mentions that if youre not sure where to start, libraries and history archives might be your best bet for older homes. In the end, all of this work will make your home stand out among the dozens of upgraded kitchen with granite counter tops listings overflowing MLS that everyones getting tired of seeing.

For example of a home with a lot of history and in honor of today being the beginning of Black History Month, check out the Andrew Mitchell Real Estate facebook page to learn about a Brookline home that was an important stop on the Underground Railroad.

Does your home have a unique story to tell? Share it with us at

Written by Andrew Mitchell staff; Information and quotes courtesy of Realtor Magazine.