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Blog :: 05-2014

Office Tool to Use Dropbox

Store, Sync, and View Files from Anywhere with Dropbox

Remember the days when you had to store files on your computer? Though cloud computing technology has really only gained momentum and mass popularity within the past year or so, it seems like a decade since you had no choice but to store your files on your computer.

To share you had to e-mail different versions back and forth, and, worse yet, to access from another computer you had to upload the file onto a zip drive and physically carry it with you. Or, for a real flashback, files had to be attached to a 3.5 inch disk and before that one of those actual 8-inch floppy disks that were like a bendable CDs that you slipped into those paper sleeves (as if that thin paper protected them).

Thankfully now file sharing and file storage is as easy as having access to the Internet, and with Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and all the technologies that keep us connected, youd have to be either in a cave or on an airplane (oddly cloud computing does not work from the actual clouds) to not be connected.

Though there are many cloud computing companies at Andrew Mitchell we use several, including Google Docs and our internal Concierge Dashboard for agents one that is quickly gaining popularity is Dropbox, Inc.

This cloud computing company, founded in 2007, offers both free (up to 2GBs of storage) and paid versions of its Web-based program that can be accessed from any computer (compatible with Windows, MAC OS X and Linux) or, more recently, from iPhone, iPad, Droid and Blackberry mobile devices. So, not only can you access your files from any computer, you can also do this from your smartphone.

In case you havent heard, heres a brief overview of what you can do with Dropbox:

  • Drop files into your Dropbox folder to store them,
  • Drop photos in and create galleries,
  • Sync your computers and your phone to always have the latest file version,
  • Share live files with friends and coworkers,
  • Undelete files and have backups for mistakes,
  • And, encrypted technology for security.

DYK Lowes and NAR Partnership

Did you know that The National Association of Realtors partnered with Lowes to create a Lowes Realtor Benefits program that gives NAR members free marketing materials for their client base? The partnership helps Realtors build their personal brand with a break on printing costs, while helping Lowes reach a targeted client base of home buyers and sellers.

Basically what this boils down to is that Realtor members can have free direct-mail materials sent out to their clients with their name, contact information, photo, company logo and even a personalized letter. Of course these items will be packaged with Lowes coupons a 10 percent off store-wide coupon and another rebate offer of your choosing and promotions materials, but likely this could be a benefit for a seller who wants to fix up a few things before putting their home on the market, or a buyer who wants to make a few touches to their new home. In fact, Lowes offers two different mailers, one for sellers and one for new home owners. They advertise that the materials will arrive 7 to 10 days after you order them.

More specifically, in addition to the coupons and your info, the home seller mailers will have an article with tips on preparing a home for sale, while the new home owner mailers will have tips for moving into a new home.

The Lowes Realtor Benefits program also allows members to purchase Lowes gift cards at a 5 percent discount, online only. Additionally, other materials available are free monthly e-newsletters with monthly tips on selling, buying and moving as well as information to educate clients about home projects that yield a high return for sellers. Your clients can also receive periodic project-starter coupons for extra savings.

Though Andrew Mitchell & Company does not have any direct partnership with Lowes and while we think the business is moving away from direct mail campaigns in favor of email marketing (though Lowes offers this as well) as Realtor members we at least think its worth at least taking a moment to look into this program. As we said in Fridays blog, while a strong online presence is key to a successful real estate business, other methods are not quite obsolete. They are at least still worth some efforts in terms of a multi-pronged approach to reaching your widest client base possible.

For the full details, visit our Facebook page for the link to the programs website where you can sign up.

Written by Andrew Mitchell staff.

AMCo Dashboard

It may be an understatement to say that Real Estate agents live busy lives. Between showings, open houses, multiple client meetings, closings, and no shortage of things to manage on a day-to-day basis, the life of an agent is a hectic one.

Because Andrew Mitchell Founder Skip Foley spent 25 years in the business learning what it takes to be successful in Real Estate, our goal is take this vast industry experience and provide our agents with top-of-the-line business management tools to get organized, connect with clients and get work done effectively.

What this boils down to is full administrative support backed by a user-friendly Andrew Mitchell Concierge Dashboard launched last October that can easily manage your marketing, social media, documents, contacts, calendar, website, and ultimately help you tackle your to-do list.

Andrew Mitchells Concierge Dashboard helps you manage:

1. Your Agent Website: As an agent a professional appearance and a great first impression are key, which is why we provide all our agents with custom Andrew Mitchell websites. With simple drag-and-drop, easy-to-manage tools, you can either use our already-made template or create a website to fit your style. Best of all, all our agent websites come packed full of all the tools that our brokerage website offers featured properties, mobile app download, extensive property searches, neighborhood demographics, community photos, comparable properties, and more. However, the difference is that the site is custom to fit your needs, making it easy for you to feature your own listings or set specific criteria, price ranges, towns, room counts, etc. of the homes youd like to display. And, not only will clients be impressed with the wide array of easy-to-use tools you offer, they will also be able to connect with you directly through the site by requesting information, signing up for free market reports, requesting e-mail/text alerts, scheduling showings and even making offers.

And, if you ever wonder how your site is actually doing, we would be happy to help you set up a free analytics account to monitor how many visitors you get, when, from where, and what pages they are visiting.

2. Your Client Communication: Appearances aside, being a real estate professional is about your clients. Using innovative technology, your clients can register directly on your site and start searching. What makes this leading-edge is that you can see what properties your clients are viewing. This lets your clients browse in their free time, while letting you see their preferences and then send them similar properties. Or, they prefer the mobile method, they can also download the free Andrew Mitchell mobile app by texting GetReal to 87778 to search for properties on the go.

You can also set up e-mail marketing campaigns (create your own, or use our already-made templates and articles) to easily stay in touch with your client base set them to send in a certain order, on a certain date, after a certain amount of day. It is your choice. This works well for long-term sphere of influence campaigns and for your current clients. Also to stay connected, you can use our automated blog to post daily from our large library of real estate topics and news or post your own content.

3. Your To-Do List: When you feel the weight of your task list building up, just use our Concierge Dashboard to organize your contacts, classify/color code your leads, save your e-mail communications and notes, as well as set up e-mail/text reminders for virtually any aspect of your business. You can also set up a business process for whatever you chose to make sure, step by step, you stay on track.

4. Your Documents and Closings: Because we know the closing can be the most stressful time for clients, we also provide you with tools to make the process easy for them. You dont have to waste time chasing paper. You can e-mail your clients branded Andrew Mitchell real estate documents through our custom library. Then, instead of driving all over town to get the signatures, use our e-signature program to have them instantly (and legally) sign documents on their computer or mobile device.

To learn more about Andrew Mitchells Concierge Dashboard give us a call today 877-51-GetReal. Wed be happy to set up an appointment to show you around the system.